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Music / Science is still bliss
« on: Dec 11 2021 »

We wish we knew

When it all depends
When things have turned to gray
Having a hard time deciding

Tell me scientist
Show me a star to aim for

Science is Bliss
We wish we knew

Who put the moon out in the open?
Who lights the sky when I am feeling blue?

Scientist – explain to me a beneficial substance
That I wish I knew

We wish we knew

Who put the moon out in the open?
Who lights the sky when I am feeling blue?
Who chose the meaning of perception?
Who split the stars and brought me into life?
And when I thought my life had ended
Who gave me meaning to wake today?

Science is Bliss

Music / Harmonizing (15 songs)
« on: Feb 20 2021 »
Raw back vocals harmonizing with some of my favorite artists and songs to harmonize with.

Playlist URL:


Last drop to go with the Harmony cover two posts ago.

Music / Harmony (Starflyer 59 acoustic cover)
« on: Mar 02 2019 »

Oops! haha

Yeah I didn't want to take the risk of putting russian covers on the album with international law that I'm completely unfamiliar with, so the website will be known to host the covers and future covers as well. ;)

Music / Road To Zion (Petra acoustic cover)
« on: Dec 18 2018 »


French poem translated to become a Russian poem ("Сердце тихо плачет.."), made into a Post-Punk song by ИГРУ (greatest russian post-punk band. Better known as "Странные Игру".). Here's an acoustic cover to complicate it further. :)

I heard that some people still care about acoustic guitar rhythms.

New acoustic guitar web series.

Here's something to think about and possibly influence to produce what you really want with music.

No, not the "music theory". The theory of music is to ask what is the purpose of the sound waves?
It's easy to make a catch tune, a catchy line. But how does it alter the human being as they loop it in their mind?

Music can change the world as we all know, and everyone wants peace and to spread love with deep messages that change lives. What the human mind loops, is that power. Unfortunately most music doesn't produce what an artist stands for, even if the lyrics are there. Music has an essence, a feeling, a mood, a sound. It's format can speak and pace a listener - so be careful.

It can't be wrong to strategically plan songs and music for an audience's growth and prosperity. We all know that almost all music does not keep any of this in mind. Most music looks to express an artist's feelings and capture the emotion in a catchy and memorable way. The result effects a mind to relive the emotion.

The emotion that runs thru a mind with a catchy music hook guides the person thru their life - the pace and rhythm that they walk, the responses and relationships that happen around them, their focus in life, their hope and drive for their future. What if the emotion that minds relive would be peace, love, growth and understanding?

We can be a friend when our friend needs us - we give them advice and want the best for them. But let's go further: We want our own children to live life, and a good life. What would be the pace, the essence, the thought provoking message that would guide your children in a good life, focused on the blessings with hope and drive for the future? Mentoring people with apathy is a big part of music, and when people listen to music, is when they seek to have a pace and feeling of other-worldly atmospheric direction.

It's easy to make statements, it's easy to create hot and catchy flare, it's easy to write emotional songs and to create your artistic character.
Here's the challenge: The audience is worth the same. Individually, every one different person that hears your music has their own life going on. It's a challenge because it's never simple.
What would they hear?

The challenge often raises doubt: Should they even hear this? So let's think about it:
Every song has it's place, every vibe has it's atmosphere of audience. The question that grows an artist is to face and answer the hard questions: Why do you make music and songs? What is the purpose and goal? What is your reason to be an artist? And what is your purpose and goal?

Once you answer, then you know your position in music and general "purpose to create sound". Obviously it's all about you, while also, it's not about you at all - you don't make music for yourself, you make it for others. So then, what is a human being to:
  • Sense from your song?
  • Feel from your song?
  • Understand from your song?
  • And most importantly.. What effect does your song make on their future, their thought, their reaction, and their aim in life?

We have this control. We have this power and influence.

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