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Born in the capitol of Transnistria, refuged to Portland, OR in 1997.
I love thoughtful music, arts, and things that are created with detail.

I enjoy a wide range of music, yet I am a big thinking critic of music. Deriving from my passion of music that one can stand behind: the existential product; purpose of the music being there, and the lyrical effect on music listeners. I believe in good songs – which means that when I listen to new music: I absolutely love some tracks off of an album, while the rest are empty and soulless. I become ashamed to associating myself with the artist name and their songs that I love, because of their other songs. But how and where do you find the good songs? I want to work with independent artists to showcase their best work of the Soul Avant vision, for the sake of great art.

I’m a creative writer with lots of ideas, and I believe in saving the world. I’d love to write songs collaboratively at a table, and make any music of suitable availability. As for now, I am an independent artist doing this by myself, hoping to reach the right people.
My biggest music influence has been Starflyer 59. (Great example of an independent home studio producer/artist.) Burlap to Cashmere is also a top mention in regards to my album’s style. I grew up with limited Christian music artists, and discovered the vast music world in my teens. I enjoy various types of music, but when it comes to my own I tend to prefer the calmer, chill, classier, thought-provoking approach. As long as it sounds great, who knows what the future sounds will be. Regardless of my influence, Observe is my beginning.

I started playing guitar in 2008, influenced heavily by Russian music legend Виктор Цой, his band Кино, and the newly emerged Рок (russian rock) music scene from the collapsing soviet union: Аквариум, Леонид Фёдоров, Алиса, ДДТ, Странные Игры, ИГРЫ, АВИА, and later on Мумий Тролль.

In addition, I’ve been really enjoying listening to:
Earthsuit/Macrosick/MuteMath, 東京事変, Gogol Bordello, Pink Floyd, old Newsboys, Sex Machineguns, The Clash, Mars ILL, Cold War Kids, Zombie Ghost Train, Neon Horse,  The’s, Madrugada, and most lately M83.


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