Dec 28 2017
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Denis Bazhinov

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This forum is around until the social network comes. ETA towards 2019 possibly?

I loved the internet in the MySpace boom. People were able to find new friends online and have a space all about them. Sharing music was open and more popular then as well. I also loved the internet for the ability to converse about anything and get straight polls and opinions for goods and bads. Like a forum for example, one can take their time and write out what they truly mean an the truths that are real. They can also be quoted later, sometimes even to reveal faults and better improvement! It seems to me that the internet has so much potential of free and genuine, authentic, uses such as to communicate more meaningfully and make new friends, share what we love, and have a genuine community you can feel a great part of.

This is what the aim for the Soul Avant Society (social network) that I will be building. I have not advertised or reached out to anyone but a few close friends so this temporary place holder (forum) isn't meant to be very active, yet. Regardless, it's nice to have a home.

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