Mar 11 2017
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Denis Bazhinov

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Mostly, I listen to music from my phone via headphones or AUX cable - I drive a lot and that's the majority of the time spent listening to music. I have my whole music library on my phone's SD card.  ;D

I use Spotify for streaming but I try to localize anything I listen to on my phone because that just makes sense. I try to discover new artists but honestly usually fall flat with the worst discovery songs. :lol:

The majority of my music discovery has been either from associated or related and similar artists, or absolute random encounters. I like to be thorough in my music discovery. Listening thru full discographies and ending up with the few songs that I really like. Every now and again I'll hear a popular Alternative song off a radio station or popular new playlist and go to hear their full discography to only find that it's a one-hit wonder. hahah

I've found more joy in taking apart discographies of related artists than discovering new ones.
Mar 24 2017
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an old friend

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Right now, my ultimate music source is my computer. I encode almost everything to FLAC so playback is identical to CD: I don't claim to have "golden ears" that will hear the difference between a high-quality encoded MP3 and the source CD, but, hard drive space is not a big deal in this day and age, so I don't see any reason not to go for full lossless quality and the archival properties it imbues.
My music player of choice is foobar2000. It isn't the prettiest "out of the box," but it's arguably the most feature-rich and customizable, so I've stuck with it for a long time now.

A couple years ago I dabbled a lot in using Google's "Play" Music service/cloud, because it came on the Android tablet I had and it was much simpler to use than to set up a comprehensive network between it and my main computer.
But after that I spent a good couple years without Internet at home, and the music cloud collection I had built up went 100% ignored...
Until a handful of months ago last year when I finally broke down and subscribed to the sole pricey ISP available at my home, and nearly simultaneously broke down and purchased a basic smartphone, at which point I got back into building my Google Music library again. For albums I particularly enjoy I let GPM download them to the SD card I have in my phone so I can listen to them anywhere (without eating up cell data), particularly at work, but it's great knowing I could stream absolutely anything I want in my collection should I want to hear it. :)