Mar 07 2017
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Denis Bazhinov

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This is my "Music Journal" where I'll be updating my journey with music production. And yes.. that's the title I'm using for this.

Last year I released an LP of my old recordings, called "Observe". On new year's night of this year, I composed a track that gave me a new full-production approach to music making. Since then I spent the first 2 months of the year building S|A Society. Here on I am putting music production, writing and recording, back on alert. My goal is to bring together everything that I have learned before and find my signature sound in the music I make and write. There are so many places I want to be with music, and of course time restraints and responsibilities come in the way - but I'm inspired and assured more than ever of accomplishing the things that I can be. I want to fiddle, find, and create a full-production debut album. Not to take away from my LP debut release which features more-minimalist acoustic elements. While also, I want to discovered my proper voice range on my controller and write well within it. In case you haven't noticed, there is no such thing as someone "not having a voice". People simply sound better on some notes, ranges, and transitions than others. While I want to spend a bit of time exploring that and creating with that, I also have a core inspiration to do what the likes of strong vocalist and acoustic guitar players did in Russian rock and folk, the likes of Высоцкий, and of course Цой. I want to blend all these things and more such as my feeling for chillout music, and the effort will be to balance them all, maybe feature songs out by variety while maintaining some sort of consistency. I've always been unsure of where I need to be musically, as I know there are so many possibilities and opportunities, let alone things I want to do. My focus now is to be. And let that define where it is I belong with music. Many times, we over think our music stances and inspirations or lack of, where as we just need to be. Mark off a time just for music generally. Everything else will work itself, while you are.

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